Saturday, November 16, 2013


This week is our 1st Quarter Examination.

After two months... at last on-line test.
Let's see the result soon.

STOCK Photography Lesson for my son

STOCK Photography Lesson for my son
22 PCS. OF COOKWARE SET (Stock Photography)

Last night,I am trying to convince myself that I need
to do my job right now or else do it in office. 
But why not now. I can teach my son to shoot a stock photos 
and setting up lightings and at the same time as assistant photographer.

Our task is to take a Hi-res images of Cookwares 22 pcs.
Combine together and submit to client early next morning.

Kiko helps me to prepare photo table, laying out paper,
setting up lightings, tripod, lenses and holding the
pans during shoot.

After the shoot, I gave a quick tips on how to use flash
if you're having less lighting set up.

Camera Table Set-Up

My son holding small & big pans

Photo was taken by my youngest daughter at her bed

STOCK PHOTO of Complete Set of Cookwares

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TRADIGITAL Presentation Lesson for my Daughters

I am not student in youngest daughter she is.

Anyways,Just want to share this:
"Old school manual sketch rendered in Photoshop"
(I remember last few weeks back, this is the same
exercise they did for Robot coloring)

This is not a great work, you can do much
detailed and outstanding work than this.

This exercise was given to my Generation-Z eldest Daughter
(whose taking Interior Design) to understand how to
use traditional & digital technique for presentation.


1. Big Idea.- 10 min.
 My daughter planned a kitchen combined dining area
on a small piece of paper.And she wants it to be a
west indies kitchen theme.

2. ACAD Preaparation.- 10 min.
Bea prepares a draft plan intended for 3D exercises.

3. SKETCH UP - 10 min.
She prepares 3d files thru sketchup doing the push &
pull and inserting 3d models.

This is my part. I printed the selected view.
Lay over tracing paper on it and started to add information.

5. PHOTOSHOP Coloring - 15 min.
I took a snap on finished sketch and import it to Photoshop.

5.1  Copied the original file on another layer and change the mode
        to Multiply.
5.2  Created a new layer for my colors.
        After I finished all the coloring, I group all the layers and I
        renamed the folder"COLORS".
5.3   I merged all the layers and adjust the brightness and contrast.
5.4   Apply text for title and your signature.

Total time finished: 1 hour 15 min.

I hope somehow, lesson above helps and inspire you
to create something to share for.

Old School Drawing for Generation Z

Freehand sketch & an Old School Rendering

Yesterday morning, I gave my daughter a
quick lesson on how to use traditional
& digital style of drawing presentation.

Below is my freehand sketch rendered
in Photoshop. Tradigital rendering.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


After lunch in our office, we will spend our last 30 min.
talking something interesting topics.  And today,
one of our topic is in Philippine History.

Most of my colleagues are young and I am pretty sure
they don't have enough knowledge in our history...
I mean behind the scene Philippine history.

So,  I am the one who gave an interesting & controversial topics
like...Where is the 1st Magellan Cross landed? (is there more than one?),
Whose the real Jose Rizal? and  a controversial history issue like
" Dolphy's dad is Manuel Quezon?"

During our endless and laughing conversation...
I'm thinking about our national history for my home-schooled? Philippine History...!
of course it is not included on their curriculum.  A big question on how they know
their roots, specially to my youngest daughter.

I think...I need to do something about this.
Maybe once a week...need to have Philippine History Lesson.

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

COOKING LESSON for my homeschooled

Just want to share instant techie lesson. Only a few minutes ago I sent a How to
Cook BISTEK Tagalog (Beef Stew Filipino Style) to my kids using Facebook
private message. 

Realizing that we parents unconsciously teaching our kids
even on our daily routine activities.' love to be homeschool Dad.