Monday, June 23, 2014

Proud FATHER to Our New Interior Designer

Last June 6, daughter is rushing to me and shouted....
"It's Done! I finished my course" I smiled and congratulate her and
pray to our Lord.

 "I thank our Lord God for all the strength He gave
me. After all the difficulties we encounter this year, He held me
and guides me to all the decision I need to take. I thank Him for
giving me a wonderful & supportive family..."

I am a Proud School DAD.. for having a hardworking daughter BEA,
I know sometimes that we had an argument for some technical issues
regarding her studies, I know sometimes she will go on and follow my
instructions even she's tired, she just carry on even my design is off.

But in the end she earns my Respect. I'm proud of you Beatriz.
Your mommy & me + Enrico & Sofia loves you.

Looking Back when she started to use drawing instruments, teaching her on how
to text using 45 deg triangle ruler, how to draw & render manual perspective.




Bea during APID Seminars





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