Saturday, November 16, 2013


This week is our 1st Quarter Examination.

After two months... at last on-line test.
Let's see the result soon.

STOCK Photography Lesson for my son

STOCK Photography Lesson for my son
22 PCS. OF COOKWARE SET (Stock Photography)

Last night,I am trying to convince myself that I need
to do my job right now or else do it in office. 
But why not now. I can teach my son to shoot a stock photos 
and setting up lightings and at the same time as assistant photographer.

Our task is to take a Hi-res images of Cookwares 22 pcs.
Combine together and submit to client early next morning.

Kiko helps me to prepare photo table, laying out paper,
setting up lightings, tripod, lenses and holding the
pans during shoot.

After the shoot, I gave a quick tips on how to use flash
if you're having less lighting set up.

Camera Table Set-Up

My son holding small & big pans

Photo was taken by my youngest daughter at her bed

STOCK PHOTO of Complete Set of Cookwares

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TRADIGITAL Presentation Lesson for my Daughters

I am not student in youngest daughter she is.

Anyways,Just want to share this:
"Old school manual sketch rendered in Photoshop"
(I remember last few weeks back, this is the same
exercise they did for Robot coloring)

This is not a great work, you can do much
detailed and outstanding work than this.

This exercise was given to my Generation-Z eldest Daughter
(whose taking Interior Design) to understand how to
use traditional & digital technique for presentation.


1. Big Idea.- 10 min.
 My daughter planned a kitchen combined dining area
on a small piece of paper.And she wants it to be a
west indies kitchen theme.

2. ACAD Preaparation.- 10 min.
Bea prepares a draft plan intended for 3D exercises.

3. SKETCH UP - 10 min.
She prepares 3d files thru sketchup doing the push &
pull and inserting 3d models.

This is my part. I printed the selected view.
Lay over tracing paper on it and started to add information.

5. PHOTOSHOP Coloring - 15 min.
I took a snap on finished sketch and import it to Photoshop.

5.1  Copied the original file on another layer and change the mode
        to Multiply.
5.2  Created a new layer for my colors.
        After I finished all the coloring, I group all the layers and I
        renamed the folder"COLORS".
5.3   I merged all the layers and adjust the brightness and contrast.
5.4   Apply text for title and your signature.

Total time finished: 1 hour 15 min.

I hope somehow, lesson above helps and inspire you
to create something to share for.

Old School Drawing for Generation Z

Freehand sketch & an Old School Rendering

Yesterday morning, I gave my daughter a
quick lesson on how to use traditional
& digital style of drawing presentation.

Below is my freehand sketch rendered
in Photoshop. Tradigital rendering.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


After lunch in our office, we will spend our last 30 min.
talking something interesting topics.  And today,
one of our topic is in Philippine History.

Most of my colleagues are young and I am pretty sure
they don't have enough knowledge in our history...
I mean behind the scene Philippine history.

So,  I am the one who gave an interesting & controversial topics
like...Where is the 1st Magellan Cross landed? (is there more than one?),
Whose the real Jose Rizal? and  a controversial history issue like
" Dolphy's dad is Manuel Quezon?"

During our endless and laughing conversation...
I'm thinking about our national history for my home-schooled? Philippine History...!
of course it is not included on their curriculum.  A big question on how they know
their roots, specially to my youngest daughter.

I think...I need to do something about this.
Maybe once a week...need to have Philippine History Lesson.

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

COOKING LESSON for my homeschooled

Just want to share instant techie lesson. Only a few minutes ago I sent a How to
Cook BISTEK Tagalog (Beef Stew Filipino Style) to my kids using Facebook
private message. 

Realizing that we parents unconsciously teaching our kids
even on our daily routine activities.' love to be homeschool Dad.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MY OLD SCHOOL Techniques

Last night, I gave a one on one tutorial on
How to create a One Point Perspective &
Watercolor Rendering to my daughter Beyya.

One Point Perspective
Watercolor Rendering

I told her that I learned this technique
not in university nor in YouTube (80's of course...).
I learned this thru my Mentor Architect Jun Paragas.

Those were the days that we are literally cut the
image from magazine & paste that image to our perspectives.

Old school is hard but also fun, we thought how to be
resourceful to find quick and clever ways to finish
our school project.

hmmm..paused for a few minutes...'coz....

I am still recollecting all my university lessons...
but none of those lessons thought me what I am today.
All the skills I gained was only during on, one on one
tutorials from my friends,during a sideline jobs,
from a senior architects, from old drawing books I bought
along Recto St., Phils. and from my Father.

Maybe, from my 100% long stay in university...
I can say 30% of that is a real education.

Happy schooling.
How to Draw a One Point Perspective


Interior Perspective Water Color Rendering


After a very tiring holiday, I need to shift gear to Normal Life.

First Day of homeschool was a lazy day.
My two home-schooled teens review their past
lessons.I feel guilty, coz' I didn't prepare
their lessons before the holiday starts.I feel
embarrassed to myself and to my children
that I didn't follow my own schedule.

That day after my office and with full of energy,
I gave my son lessons and exercises for next
school day.And, yesterday I started to do
next week lesson plan.

"St.Thomas Aquinas, pray for my children. Amen"

Sunday, October 13, 2013

LAYERS - PS Class for Sofia DAY 5

Today, Sofia's Photoshop class topic is all about LAYERS.

There are several ways on how  to create a layer.
1. thru menu bar
2. thru pallete menu
3. thru cluster bar
4. and the last one is keyboard short cut (Shift+ctrl+N)

During Sofia's Day 5 Photoshop Class

Listening to her instructor brings me to compare
our time as a parent to a photoshop layer.

As a parent, we need to layer our priorities in our family.
Which one is the primary layer, secondary, tertiarry and
which one must be prioritize, which one is least priority
but, also important.

Everyday, when we open our eyes, we need to layer our schedule.
Automatically, our brain creates a layer of activities on which
we need to re-arrange instantly.

Some of the template layer activities are...
driving your wife to workplace, fetching your daughter to school,
household chores etc...

A CUSTOMIZED Layer is the one we created, like an occasional activity...
a party, attending seminars, running a marathon etc...

But the most important LAYER in our daily life is the...
Base Layer Layer FAITH IN GOD,
3rd Layer EDUCATION,
5th Layer LEISURE and Layer OTHERS.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

PHYSICAL EDUCATION for Home schooled?

This is my next question.

How about physical education for my children?

My daughter Sofia, a Grade 7 Home schooled asked me
about PE... "Should I do the pull-ups dad?",
" It is on my PE course manual".

Below is an excerpt of my daughters course manual:
Physical Education 7 (Wk. 1) Days 1 - 5

First Quarter
Week One

Pull-ups: Grasp the chinning bar with both hands, 
palms facing forward.  Hang with arms and legs straight.  
Feet should not touch the floor.  Pull up until chin reaches the bar.  
Lower your body until your arms are straight.  
At age twelve or thirteen, you are in excellent condition 
if you can do nine or ten pull-ups.

Physical Education 7 (Wk. 2) Days 1 - 5
Week Two

Sit-ups: Lie on back with hands behind head.  
Have partner hold ankles.  Raise body to a sit-up position.  
Turn trunk to the left and touch left knee with right elbow.  
Return to lying position.  Repeat with left elbow touching right knee.  
Boys at twelve or thirteen should be able to do 100; 
girls should be able to do fifty if they are in good condition.

Should my daughter do all of this?

Since, we are family in sports (running),
can we substitute our sports activity to their
PE activities and send their photos or running
certificates to school.

My daughter Sofia, can finished 3K to 5K run.
My son Enrico, can finished 16K run.
And of course during training and before a race,
they are thought about basic preparation for running,
like stretching exercises and nutrition.

Yesterday, we participated on Breast Cancer Awareness Run
for Breast Cancer Arabia held here in Dubai, UAE by
FRU (Filipino Runners UAE) Running group.

I hope, I can get a clear answer.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 favorite place

After a 2 day preparation of  lesson plan for my
two home schooled, I need to go
to my favorite place...I mean, I need to plan a KITCHEN
for my daughters project.

Yesterday, she showed me her isometric sketch of a kitchen
and it was not so good...I mean the sketch is distorted
and not proportioned.

And my first question is:
where is your plan?
second is:
where is your section?,

and she replied...
"my teacher told us to sketch isometric of a simple kitchen",
"without any given details...that's it".

In reality, before you create a technical drawing
you must have the following information's from
architect, or from designer.

They must give either a sketch or ACAD file
of plan and section (at least) with complete
dimensions, material specifications and a sketch
(freehand) isometric drawing/perspective.

Haaayyzz,maybe the teacher forgot what is the
requirements for his students, or maybe he
doesn't know at all.

Since, Home school Dad is an Architect...
I want my daughter to learn on a proper and
correct way.

I prepare a complete plan, elevation, section,
an isometric drawing and few material specifications
for her to start on.

My daughters project is for 1 week activity.
I hope she can follow all and I will post it here

"As a father, you must lead and give your children
what is the best for must."

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

LESSON PLAN needs planning

Need to plan my Lesson Plan.

Sounds confusing but it's true...need to plan it.
Need to have a template.
Where to write, what to write and how I will write
so that even my homeschool student can use my lesson plan
as a resource for their studies.

And I used several techniques to write a notes like mind mapping.

Below is my Lesson Plan Template indicating where to write,
draw, color and the technique I used on each area of the template.

Lesson Plan Template

Sample 1

Sample 2

English 9 Lesson Plan

Science 9 Lesson Plan

Technique No. 1 : Setting Up my Lesson Plan

Taking a Better Lecture Notes:

Technique No. 2 : Using MIND MAPPING for
writing a notes on my Lesson Plan

Mind Mapping

Tony Buzan - Mind Mapping Guru


LATE na kung late..! PS Class Sofia DAY 4

"Teacher Dad, Driver, Bodyguard at Ironman...san ka pa?"
04 October 2013

OMG..8:30 na ng umaga.

"Bakit di kayo nang gising...?"
Dali dali akong tumayo...pupungas pungas
na tinanggal ang mga muta sa mata...
isinisigaw ang....

"Sofiaaa... gumising ka na...!
male-late na tayoooo."

Naalala ko tuloy ang mahal kong ina tuwing
ako ay gigisingin para pumasok ng ROTc
tuwing araw ng linggo. Parehong pareho
ang istilo namin sa pag gising ng mga anak.

Dumeretso ako sa kusina, clinick ang initan ng tubig,
at nag lagay na ng kape, asukal at gatas sa
mug habang hinihintay ang pag init ng tubig.

Sabay sigaw ng...."Sofia...ano ba? papasok ka ba o hindi?"
at sa may ilalim ng kumot sa bandang dulo ng flat
namin ay maririnig mo ang..."opooo, tatayo naaa".

Tamang tama naman at mainit na ang tubig
at pwede ng mag kape bago maligo...
"Bata ka...asan ka na ba?" sigaw ko ulit.

"Andito na sa banyooo.." at pagkaraan ng ilang sandali
lumabas na si Sofia.

"Ano ba yaaan?" sabi ko.
"Baka habulin ka ng plantsa niyan ah..."
(mga salitang namana ko rin sa aking ina).
"akina nga at ng ma-plantsa yang t shirt mo" sabi ko ulit na naiinis.

Pag katapos ko ng pamamalantsa.Doon pa lang
ako nag umpisang mag banyo...bigla kong naisip
na kung narito lang ang nanay...malamang sabihan ako
noon na..."magpahinga ka muna bago maligo...mapapasma ka nyan".
Na madalas ko na rin sabihin sa aking mga anak.

Alas diyes ang umpisa ng klase ni Sofia sa Photoshop
at alas nuwebe y medya ay narito pa kami sa bahay...
at nag aayos pa rin ng laptop na dadalhin sa school.

Eksaktong 9:35am kami umalis ng bahay...nagmamadaling
magmaneho para umabot sa klase ni Sofia (mahirap kasing
mahuli...mauubusan ka ng parking at upuan naman sa loob
ng klase).

"Late na kung late...hmmp.!"

10:10am kami dumating sa ang mga classmate
ni Sofia ay nasa labas pa ng classroom...naghihintay.

"Akala ko late na kami...hhaaayyyzz..."

10:20am na kami pinapasok sa loob.
Akala ko late na kami...

Day 4 Lesson: Image Size & Lasso Tool Cropping

Yes,you can change School Sched... WHY NOT?

I hope this post can help parents to prepare themselves and their kids
before the start of homeschooling.

It's almost a week now when we had a home school Dry Run, and
our one week of real homeschooling was a really challenge for my kids and for me.


My kids are now enjoying late waking up for their school.

Previously they need to get out of bed at exactly 5:30 am for a quick shower,
6:00 am for a quick breakfast & dress up and exactly 6:30 am,
they need to go down and wait for school bus. Otherwise,
if they missed the bus I will drive them to school.

But now, they are up at 8:00 am, eat their breakfast (which I made)
at 8:30 am and prepare themselves for a 9:00 am homeschooling.

Previously, me and my wife are preparing our food every night,
after dinner or before going to bed for kids (school) and for us (office).
Now, I am preparing our food every 6:15 am.

Food are available on the fridge, anytime they can eat and during their breaks.


We had a small meeting a night before their first day of school.
I explained where to find their daily course activity, how to use the manual,
how to log on their home school site, where to find course video tutorials.

Also instructed them to make a daily journal in English, at least
5 words or more everyday. I explained where and how to use their
notebook on each subject.

Everything was set. Except for one thing...

"The Parent/Teacher Dad customized Lesson Plan".
I purposely not to do it because I want to know if they can
manage their schedule on their own way.

Home School starts at 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM

My Kids are now more time to read and think
about their Daily Lesson


From time to time from my office, I always call my kids asking
if they are good. And most of the answers are fine, we are doing good.

But at night before we sleep they will ask where to find this,
where to read this and one time ..." Are my books complete?".
And most of the time I was trapped and answering "don't worry,
I will take a look at it.

Another confusion.

Since we are from traditional schooling. My kids are still
(I think...) longing for a teacher whose standing in front
of the class and explaining today's lesson.

But now, they are the one who read all the books, starting
from lesson plan, course manual, text books and references.

And I think that was a very stressful to them.


From the time we received our books, I took me two weeks
to review and browse school manuals & some of the books.
Knowing that my effort as a Teacher DAD is fairly enough
to start my kids homeschooling---is really NOT ENOUGH.

I need a serious time to do all teachers stuff for my kids.

Need to do the following.

  • A Lesson Plan on each subject at least 1 week ahead of school schedule.
  • A serious explanation on each lesson, my student doesn't understand.
  • Must watch video tutorials on each subject, so that I can explain clearly to my students.
  • Need to re-schedule the school class base on students capacity on each subject.

My recommendations: Parent must prepare a Lesson Plan
at least one week ahead of school schedule

Follow link on how to prepare Lesson Plan:
Lesson Plan needs planning

All of this task needs to be done as soon as possible.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

FREEENCH...!can we eat French Bread instead!

Day 1 of my sons homeschooling is fine except for one thing...
"French 101".

HD : "Son...,is everything alright on your 1st Day of Homeschool?"
KIKO: "Yes Dad...except for my french course..."

HD: "Don't worry after my work...I'll help you on that,
otherwise we will eat french bread instead."

Later after our Sunday Evening Mass.
I asked my son..

HD : "So...How's your French course?"
KIKO : "Comment allez-vous"
HD : "Huwwaatttt?"
KIKO: "That's How are you?- in french"
HD : " means we will not eat french bread tonight?"
KIKO: with smile in his face..."Chicking is much better"

HD Observation:
Your child will find a way to learn, it is a matter of parent
guidance and support.

ADVANCE PHOTOSHOP (Digital Painting)

My Daughter realizes that she needs to practice her
photoshop skills.

Bea is in interior design course....
she needs to sort out all resources for art
and design output whether it is digital or traditional.

Last night she realizes that she needs to practice her
photoshop skills for her school project.[btw...bea & enrico (my son)
got their photoshop certificate 3 years ago].

And since I am a former member of NAPP
(National Association of Photoshop Professionals)
...Homeschool Dad to the rescue....yaahhhooo.

Tutorial for Digital Painting:

Friday, September 27, 2013

LESSON PLAN for Home Schooling Week 1

During Lesson planning I also looked into my eldest daughter (on my photo as background)
on her manual drafting 101 for her Interior Design Course.

Also visited homeschool site to show my son how to use on-line video tutorials on his French Course.

1. You need to review your children course/subject manual and on line video tutorials for you to prepare your customized lesson plan.


Sleepy today... 
During class my eyes will close for 5 seconds and
suddenly I can hear Sofia's talking to me...

I cannot continue my notes...and when I got back and read my 
notes...oh's a mess.

Todays topic: Cropping & Straightening of Photos.
Classes ends 12:00 pm.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to write like an ARCHITECT

How to write like an ARCHITECT

I remember when I was in college we were thought
how to write in our drawings using pencil,t-square
and a triangle ruler.

I consider this writing is an art, the more consistent
your vertical strokes and curves gives your drawing
neat & professional look.

Yesterday, I notice my daughter handwriting (lettering)
on her drawing plate. It is good but it doesn't look
professional.I commented on it and show her how to
do it professionally without using lettering guide.

Kindly follow link below for other style:

Dry RUN Day 1 Home Schooling

Almost 2 weeks now that I am preparing for
my 2 Kids homeschooling...

Reading teachers handbook, reviewing lesson plans,
watching video for teaching tips and more.... but yesterday
is a tiring activity of all...shifting and arranging my flat -
From Living Area to HomeSchool.

From Living Area to Home School
(taken after I dumped all school stuff on one side of living room)

Daily school activities must be sorted out before start of schooling

Aside from that...another tiring task is to prepare
School Year Calendar Schedule, not only to create 5 days
of study each week but to know the country's holiday and
incorporate it to your calendar, you need also to attached
daily lesson plan of your child for them to access your
calendar daily to view their daily school task on each

Include your countries holiday on your
School Year Calendar

Almost done.

Today is our Dry Run for 1st Day of Home School.

I wake up early 6 am and and prepare their breakfast
(scrambled egg, corned beef and steamed rice.

They were out of bed around 8:15.

With their daily lesson plan, I discussed which course to start, pray before they start their class after they finished.

After 1:00 pm, I called my students and ask  if everything is alright... "we are done, dad. we don't have any questions..."- sofia replied.

Thank GOD.
Now we are ready for real actual homeschooling.