Sunday, September 29, 2013

FREEENCH...!can we eat French Bread instead!

Day 1 of my sons homeschooling is fine except for one thing...
"French 101".

HD : "Son...,is everything alright on your 1st Day of Homeschool?"
KIKO: "Yes Dad...except for my french course..."

HD: "Don't worry after my work...I'll help you on that,
otherwise we will eat french bread instead."

Later after our Sunday Evening Mass.
I asked my son..

HD : "So...How's your French course?"
KIKO : "Comment allez-vous"
HD : "Huwwaatttt?"
KIKO: "That's How are you?- in french"
HD : " means we will not eat french bread tonight?"
KIKO: with smile in his face..."Chicking is much better"

HD Observation:
Your child will find a way to learn, it is a matter of parent
guidance and support.

ADVANCE PHOTOSHOP (Digital Painting)

My Daughter realizes that she needs to practice her
photoshop skills.

Bea is in interior design course....
she needs to sort out all resources for art
and design output whether it is digital or traditional.

Last night she realizes that she needs to practice her
photoshop skills for her school project.[btw...bea & enrico (my son)
got their photoshop certificate 3 years ago].

And since I am a former member of NAPP
(National Association of Photoshop Professionals)
...Homeschool Dad to the rescue....yaahhhooo.

Tutorial for Digital Painting:

Friday, September 27, 2013

LESSON PLAN for Home Schooling Week 1

During Lesson planning I also looked into my eldest daughter (on my photo as background)
on her manual drafting 101 for her Interior Design Course.

Also visited homeschool site to show my son how to use on-line video tutorials on his French Course.

1. You need to review your children course/subject manual and on line video tutorials for you to prepare your customized lesson plan.


Sleepy today... 
During class my eyes will close for 5 seconds and
suddenly I can hear Sofia's talking to me...

I cannot continue my notes...and when I got back and read my 
notes...oh's a mess.

Todays topic: Cropping & Straightening of Photos.
Classes ends 12:00 pm.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to write like an ARCHITECT

How to write like an ARCHITECT

I remember when I was in college we were thought
how to write in our drawings using pencil,t-square
and a triangle ruler.

I consider this writing is an art, the more consistent
your vertical strokes and curves gives your drawing
neat & professional look.

Yesterday, I notice my daughter handwriting (lettering)
on her drawing plate. It is good but it doesn't look
professional.I commented on it and show her how to
do it professionally without using lettering guide.

Kindly follow link below for other style:

Dry RUN Day 1 Home Schooling

Almost 2 weeks now that I am preparing for
my 2 Kids homeschooling...

Reading teachers handbook, reviewing lesson plans,
watching video for teaching tips and more.... but yesterday
is a tiring activity of all...shifting and arranging my flat -
From Living Area to HomeSchool.

From Living Area to Home School
(taken after I dumped all school stuff on one side of living room)

Daily school activities must be sorted out before start of schooling

Aside from that...another tiring task is to prepare
School Year Calendar Schedule, not only to create 5 days
of study each week but to know the country's holiday and
incorporate it to your calendar, you need also to attached
daily lesson plan of your child for them to access your
calendar daily to view their daily school task on each

Include your countries holiday on your
School Year Calendar

Almost done.

Today is our Dry Run for 1st Day of Home School.

I wake up early 6 am and and prepare their breakfast
(scrambled egg, corned beef and steamed rice.

They were out of bed around 8:15.

With their daily lesson plan, I discussed which course to start, pray before they start their class after they finished.

After 1:00 pm, I called my students and ask  if everything is alright... "we are done, dad. we don't have any questions..."- sofia replied.

Thank GOD.
Now we are ready for real actual homeschooling.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HOME-SCHOOL School Supplies

How to use 30x60 Triangle

23 September 2013

After I reviewed my daughters course manual, told her that she needs to
practice her drafting skills (as in manual drawing on drafting board).

And she replied...what is 30x60?

Last night I took out my old A3 size drafting board and my
more than 10 year old adjustable triangle and started to teach her
to use 30 x 60 triangle and how to create isometric drawing.

Please follow link below:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

WAITING and waiting and waiting at Knowledge Village

22 September 2013

This is the first day of class in all universities here in Dubai,
and we're not aware on that.That is why coming & getting a parking space here at Knowledge Village is a hell sacrifice.

I let Bea to go to her class as we reach her block. And thank God after 1 hour I got parking space. Another 30 minutes of waiting at school admin office makes me to call office that I will be coming in the afternoon.

At School:
I was waiting for my turn at administration office when this
2 arab students staring at me. Instead of  getting piss off I took my mobile phone and make a quick sketch of them and share on my facebook.

Anyways...officially this is Bea's 1st day of Class.
and I am the official bodyguard cum driver.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


As usual... I accompany my daughter for her Friday Photoshop Class.
During her class, I took notes for her (see notes below).
Pia listed at Pinoy Sports Fest.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013





Reviewing home school handbook by creating a
mind map notes for me to easy understand and read.
Hoping this method will be useful for me as a homeschool DAD.

UNBOXING Homeschool Books

Unboxing of books care of Kiko Grade 9

All of us are excited during unboxing of books.

The big box contains of 4 small boxes, 2 of them belongs to Kiko
and the other 2 for Sofia.

As per Instructions, you need to look for parcel checklists to check contents of each box.

Classifying books as per subject by Sofia Grade 7

Homeschool Dad checking books thru school checklists

Monday, September 16, 2013

BOOKS are here! School starts!

This Morning I went straight to Emirates Post Office in my area...rushing to my post box and yes!I got  mail Notification. EPO Manager advice me to go to Deira Post Office to get my parcel.

Went there...even without Sofia & Annie's ID. I just showed my EID and declare I am the father.



Only my youngest daughter sofia and my wife annie
doesn't know how to use a program Photoshop.
...and being a family of photographers (my father,
uncles, cousins, me and my 2 kids), it is a no,no
if you don't know how to process your image.

Last friday 13th September is Sofia's 1st Day of 
Photoshop Class. A Short Course for 3 months 
given to all Filipinos here in Dubai by volunteered professionals
(Pinoy Group Dubai). 
Held every friday at Verseilles Hotel, Dubai.

Since Sofia is only 13 years old...parents must
be present during means daddy will be
sitting beside sofia.

Day 1 Topic:
1. Course Rules and Regulations
2. Photoshop Interface & Tools

During her class..I coached sofia about tools,
text and how to use layers.

After class we end up to McDonalds..


08 September 2013

After I finished my 2 two teen agers on line enrollment...
I got our Family Number and password for us to start
familiarizing interface of school on line site.

Very excited to view the process how all of this will work.
As I dig deeper...I was stun and immediately I called my

Yes...homeschooling and parent as a teacher, a partner & guide
of your children is a really serious matter. And my wife
replied.."YOU CAN DO IT...!"

Yes...I'm the one.
...hmmm of course me and my wife...but I will be full responsible
for children s success.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

BEA'S 1ST DAY at Dubai Knowledge Village

1st Day Activity Map with my Daughter "BEA"

I was also excited on my eldest daughter schooling this year.Yes, Bea...she's college now and today is her 1st day of school.

Being a father, I don't want my children to see me that I am much more excited and nervous than them about their first time.

Last night I charged my smart phone to be used for
photo or maybe a vid for her. I need to drink water twice last night for me to go to sleep.And around 3:30 am...I already out of the bed...but since it was to early, I went back to bed...and my mobile alarming crazy around!I'm late!

Bea's already dressed....omg!
I need to iron my shirt...omg!

Since she's taking up Interior Designing...Our first stop is my Office.I introduced her to my office colleagues and show my work station, explain to her the process of work inside Interior Office.

We came 45min. one is on the office except "Prabath" the office boy,
decided to have a coffee at Starbucks for 30 min and come back again to school.
We met one filipino "RJ" a student for grade 11 & 12 (sabay nya aaralin).

10am...Mr.Benny came and promptly attended us...
Mr. Benny - "Didn't you receive my mail?"
Ross - "Why?"
Mr. Benny - "Classes starts on 22nd of Sept."
Ross - "Huuuwaatt? (my jaw dropped)

That's it. My daughters 1st Day of School (College)

Anyways...Enjoy our photos.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


14 September 2014

Last Thursday we received sms that
our parcel (kids books) is ready for pick up.

Very excited to open my kids books, I left 
my house early on my daily schedule.But when
I reached  post office they did not give
my parcel 'coz I left my keys.
I talked to the manager & show my wifes
original passport...still they didn't 
allow me to get my parcel.

I went back home and took the key and 
straight back to post office.
"I have my key now..." waving my key to arab lady.
"One minute...I will check....
sorry....not yet here...come back after 2 days"



14 September 2013

Before we enroll my 2 teenagers,
we need to have our personal post box.

Here in Dubai...there are several ways to 
get your personal PO Box...follow link below.
Emirates Post

And we got our fresh POBox at the rate of 150 aed
+ 50 aed for sms service and this is only good
for 6 months, otherwise you need to renew it.

since Bro. Allan spoke to me about SETON,
I already do my research & register on
school website is a
familiar thing to me.

I enrolled my Son Kiko (Grade 9) and daughter Sofia (Grade 7).
Enrollment is easy, you will fill a registration form
parent details & student details, by default students
books are already selected as per can add
a course if you like (I add French Language for Kiko).

You can pay full or you can pay monthly using
debit card or credit card. On my 2 students I paid
approx.6000 aed for the whole school year. 
Books shipping from US to UAE is 100 usd.

in terms of School Fees & Allowances.

                                             Traditional                                  Home School                        
Enrollment plus
Monthly Tuition Fee              20,000 aed                                   6,000 aed
School Bus                            15,000 aed                                    -
Daily Allowance                     5,000 aed                                     3,000 aed
School Projects                     1,000 aed                                      -
Others                                        500 aed                                     500 aed     
Total:                                      41,500 aed                                   9,500 aed

Yes.. I saved approx. 30,000 aed for 1 school year
for 2 high school students.


10 September 2014

I discuss to my wife my conversation with Bro. Allan.
We cannot decide yet...still we need some time to research
and assess everything.

Browsing & reading all information of Seton on their website...
slowly Iam convinced that we can transfer my children to home school
not only because the cost is less than on traditional school but
they will have a much deeper understanding about Faith in God.

I called Bro. Allan to set a meeting with Sis.Icy & Bro. Boyet
to explain to us what is homeschooling, how we will guide and
support our children. I listed some of questionnaires to clarify
our doubts.All of this are answered clearly when we sat down 
and discuss to the couple.

We my kids went to their house to observe how home school
set up in their house, and spoke to their daughter on how she
study and graduated grade 12. (She went to Virginia, USA to attend
her graduation).

After all of this process...we decided to say YES to Home school.


10 September 2013

One day, I received a call from Bro.Allan (CFC)

and he told me that he know the solution on
our money crisis...I am very excited about his news...
"okay tell me bro, what is that?" and he replied

A friend whose also a memebr of CFC (couples for christ)
told us that their 6 children are home schooled. The school
is under Magisterium of the Catholic Church.(Magisterium means
authority to teach catholic doctrines).

And student fees is approx. 2700 dhs only for the whole year.
And on that part...i smiled...

I have 2 teen agers and I think...
It will not work for them, kids deprive for their school activities,
no interaction, on line study???, who will guide no time
to teach.

LESS COST - no monthly fee, no bus fee, no school uniforms,
no early wake up, no bullying at school, no school projects,
no rush, drugs, sexual harrasment...etc..
MORE FAITH IN GOD - since Seton is a catholic homeschool
CLOSE RELATIONSHIP - child & parent (parent as homeschool teacher)
MORE FREE TIME - child has more freetime on other activities

"hey brother ross...what do you think?" a parting words of brother allan.