Sunday, September 15, 2013

BEA'S 1ST DAY at Dubai Knowledge Village

1st Day Activity Map with my Daughter "BEA"

I was also excited on my eldest daughter schooling this year.Yes, Bea...she's college now and today is her 1st day of school.

Being a father, I don't want my children to see me that I am much more excited and nervous than them about their first time.

Last night I charged my smart phone to be used for
photo or maybe a vid for her. I need to drink water twice last night for me to go to sleep.And around 3:30 am...I already out of the bed...but since it was to early, I went back to bed...and my mobile alarming crazy around!I'm late!

Bea's already dressed....omg!
I need to iron my shirt...omg!

Since she's taking up Interior Designing...Our first stop is my Office.I introduced her to my office colleagues and show my work station, explain to her the process of work inside Interior Office.

We came 45min. one is on the office except "Prabath" the office boy,
decided to have a coffee at Starbucks for 30 min and come back again to school.
We met one filipino "RJ" a student for grade 11 & 12 (sabay nya aaralin).

10am...Mr.Benny came and promptly attended us...
Mr. Benny - "Didn't you receive my mail?"
Ross - "Why?"
Mr. Benny - "Classes starts on 22nd of Sept."
Ross - "Huuuwaatt? (my jaw dropped)

That's it. My daughters 1st Day of School (College)

Anyways...Enjoy our photos.

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