Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dry RUN Day 1 Home Schooling

Almost 2 weeks now that I am preparing for
my 2 Kids homeschooling...

Reading teachers handbook, reviewing lesson plans,
watching video for teaching tips and more.... but yesterday
is a tiring activity of all...shifting and arranging my flat -
From Living Area to HomeSchool.

From Living Area to Home School
(taken after I dumped all school stuff on one side of living room)

Daily school activities must be sorted out before start of schooling

Aside from that...another tiring task is to prepare
School Year Calendar Schedule, not only to create 5 days
of study each week but to know the country's holiday and
incorporate it to your calendar, you need also to attached
daily lesson plan of your child for them to access your
calendar daily to view their daily school task on each

Include your countries holiday on your
School Year Calendar

Almost done.

Today is our Dry Run for 1st Day of Home School.

I wake up early 6 am and and prepare their breakfast
(scrambled egg, corned beef and steamed rice.

They were out of bed around 8:15.

With their daily lesson plan, I discussed which course to start, pray before they start their class after they finished.

After 1:00 pm, I called my students and ask  if everything is alright... "we are done, dad. we don't have any questions..."- sofia replied.

Thank GOD.
Now we are ready for real actual homeschooling.

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