Sunday, September 29, 2013

FREEENCH...!can we eat French Bread instead!

Day 1 of my sons homeschooling is fine except for one thing...
"French 101".

HD : "Son...,is everything alright on your 1st Day of Homeschool?"
KIKO: "Yes Dad...except for my french course..."

HD: "Don't worry after my work...I'll help you on that,
otherwise we will eat french bread instead."

Later after our Sunday Evening Mass.
I asked my son..

HD : "So...How's your French course?"
KIKO : "Comment allez-vous"
HD : "Huwwaatttt?"
KIKO: "That's How are you?- in french"
HD : " means we will not eat french bread tonight?"
KIKO: with smile in his face..."Chicking is much better"

HD Observation:
Your child will find a way to learn, it is a matter of parent
guidance and support.

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