Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yes,you can change School Sched... WHY NOT?

I hope this post can help parents to prepare themselves and their kids
before the start of homeschooling.

It's almost a week now when we had a home school Dry Run, and
our one week of real homeschooling was a really challenge for my kids and for me.


My kids are now enjoying late waking up for their school.

Previously they need to get out of bed at exactly 5:30 am for a quick shower,
6:00 am for a quick breakfast & dress up and exactly 6:30 am,
they need to go down and wait for school bus. Otherwise,
if they missed the bus I will drive them to school.

But now, they are up at 8:00 am, eat their breakfast (which I made)
at 8:30 am and prepare themselves for a 9:00 am homeschooling.

Previously, me and my wife are preparing our food every night,
after dinner or before going to bed for kids (school) and for us (office).
Now, I am preparing our food every 6:15 am.

Food are available on the fridge, anytime they can eat and during their breaks.


We had a small meeting a night before their first day of school.
I explained where to find their daily course activity, how to use the manual,
how to log on their home school site, where to find course video tutorials.

Also instructed them to make a daily journal in English, at least
5 words or more everyday. I explained where and how to use their
notebook on each subject.

Everything was set. Except for one thing...

"The Parent/Teacher Dad customized Lesson Plan".
I purposely not to do it because I want to know if they can
manage their schedule on their own way.

Home School starts at 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM

My Kids are now more time to read and think
about their Daily Lesson


From time to time from my office, I always call my kids asking
if they are good. And most of the answers are fine, we are doing good.

But at night before we sleep they will ask where to find this,
where to read this and one time ..." Are my books complete?".
And most of the time I was trapped and answering "don't worry,
I will take a look at it.

Another confusion.

Since we are from traditional schooling. My kids are still
(I think...) longing for a teacher whose standing in front
of the class and explaining today's lesson.

But now, they are the one who read all the books, starting
from lesson plan, course manual, text books and references.

And I think that was a very stressful to them.


From the time we received our books, I took me two weeks
to review and browse school manuals & some of the books.
Knowing that my effort as a Teacher DAD is fairly enough
to start my kids homeschooling---is really NOT ENOUGH.

I need a serious time to do all teachers stuff for my kids.

Need to do the following.

  • A Lesson Plan on each subject at least 1 week ahead of school schedule.
  • A serious explanation on each lesson, my student doesn't understand.
  • Must watch video tutorials on each subject, so that I can explain clearly to my students.
  • Need to re-schedule the school class base on students capacity on each subject.

My recommendations: Parent must prepare a Lesson Plan
at least one week ahead of school schedule

Follow link on how to prepare Lesson Plan:
Lesson Plan needs planning

All of this task needs to be done as soon as possible.


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