Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MY OLD SCHOOL Techniques

Last night, I gave a one on one tutorial on
How to create a One Point Perspective &
Watercolor Rendering to my daughter Beyya.

One Point Perspective
Watercolor Rendering

I told her that I learned this technique
not in university nor in YouTube (80's of course...).
I learned this thru my Mentor Architect Jun Paragas.

Those were the days that we are literally cut the
image from magazine & paste that image to our perspectives.

Old school is hard but also fun, we thought how to be
resourceful to find quick and clever ways to finish
our school project.

hmmm..paused for a few minutes...'coz....

I am still recollecting all my university lessons...
but none of those lessons thought me what I am today.
All the skills I gained was only during on, one on one
tutorials from my friends,during a sideline jobs,
from a senior architects, from old drawing books I bought
along Recto St., Phils. and from my Father.

Maybe, from my 100% long stay in university...
I can say 30% of that is a real education.

Happy schooling.
How to Draw a One Point Perspective


Interior Perspective Water Color Rendering

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  1. totoo Kuya, ang pang-araw-araw na praktika natin ang syang tunay na magtuturo sa atin! galing!