Sunday, October 13, 2013

LAYERS - PS Class for Sofia DAY 5

Today, Sofia's Photoshop class topic is all about LAYERS.

There are several ways on how  to create a layer.
1. thru menu bar
2. thru pallete menu
3. thru cluster bar
4. and the last one is keyboard short cut (Shift+ctrl+N)

During Sofia's Day 5 Photoshop Class

Listening to her instructor brings me to compare
our time as a parent to a photoshop layer.

As a parent, we need to layer our priorities in our family.
Which one is the primary layer, secondary, tertiarry and
which one must be prioritize, which one is least priority
but, also important.

Everyday, when we open our eyes, we need to layer our schedule.
Automatically, our brain creates a layer of activities on which
we need to re-arrange instantly.

Some of the template layer activities are...
driving your wife to workplace, fetching your daughter to school,
household chores etc...

A CUSTOMIZED Layer is the one we created, like an occasional activity...
a party, attending seminars, running a marathon etc...

But the most important LAYER in our daily life is the...
Base Layer Layer FAITH IN GOD,
3rd Layer EDUCATION,
5th Layer LEISURE and Layer OTHERS.

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