Saturday, October 12, 2013

PHYSICAL EDUCATION for Home schooled?

This is my next question.

How about physical education for my children?

My daughter Sofia, a Grade 7 Home schooled asked me
about PE... "Should I do the pull-ups dad?",
" It is on my PE course manual".

Below is an excerpt of my daughters course manual:
Physical Education 7 (Wk. 1) Days 1 - 5

First Quarter
Week One

Pull-ups: Grasp the chinning bar with both hands, 
palms facing forward.  Hang with arms and legs straight.  
Feet should not touch the floor.  Pull up until chin reaches the bar.  
Lower your body until your arms are straight.  
At age twelve or thirteen, you are in excellent condition 
if you can do nine or ten pull-ups.

Physical Education 7 (Wk. 2) Days 1 - 5
Week Two

Sit-ups: Lie on back with hands behind head.  
Have partner hold ankles.  Raise body to a sit-up position.  
Turn trunk to the left and touch left knee with right elbow.  
Return to lying position.  Repeat with left elbow touching right knee.  
Boys at twelve or thirteen should be able to do 100; 
girls should be able to do fifty if they are in good condition.

Should my daughter do all of this?

Since, we are family in sports (running),
can we substitute our sports activity to their
PE activities and send their photos or running
certificates to school.

My daughter Sofia, can finished 3K to 5K run.
My son Enrico, can finished 16K run.
And of course during training and before a race,
they are thought about basic preparation for running,
like stretching exercises and nutrition.

Yesterday, we participated on Breast Cancer Awareness Run
for Breast Cancer Arabia held here in Dubai, UAE by
FRU (Filipino Runners UAE) Running group.

I hope, I can get a clear answer.

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