Wednesday, October 9, 2013 favorite place

After a 2 day preparation of  lesson plan for my
two home schooled, I need to go
to my favorite place...I mean, I need to plan a KITCHEN
for my daughters project.

Yesterday, she showed me her isometric sketch of a kitchen
and it was not so good...I mean the sketch is distorted
and not proportioned.

And my first question is:
where is your plan?
second is:
where is your section?,

and she replied...
"my teacher told us to sketch isometric of a simple kitchen",
"without any given details...that's it".

In reality, before you create a technical drawing
you must have the following information's from
architect, or from designer.

They must give either a sketch or ACAD file
of plan and section (at least) with complete
dimensions, material specifications and a sketch
(freehand) isometric drawing/perspective.

Haaayyzz,maybe the teacher forgot what is the
requirements for his students, or maybe he
doesn't know at all.

Since, Home school Dad is an Architect...
I want my daughter to learn on a proper and
correct way.

I prepare a complete plan, elevation, section,
an isometric drawing and few material specifications
for her to start on.

My daughters project is for 1 week activity.
I hope she can follow all and I will post it here

"As a father, you must lead and give your children
what is the best for must."

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