Thursday, November 7, 2013


After lunch in our office, we will spend our last 30 min.
talking something interesting topics.  And today,
one of our topic is in Philippine History.

Most of my colleagues are young and I am pretty sure
they don't have enough knowledge in our history...
I mean behind the scene Philippine history.

So,  I am the one who gave an interesting & controversial topics
like...Where is the 1st Magellan Cross landed? (is there more than one?),
Whose the real Jose Rizal? and  a controversial history issue like
" Dolphy's dad is Manuel Quezon?"

During our endless and laughing conversation...
I'm thinking about our national history for my home-schooled? Philippine History...!
of course it is not included on their curriculum.  A big question on how they know
their roots, specially to my youngest daughter.

I think...I need to do something about this.
Maybe once a week...need to have Philippine History Lesson.

What do you think?

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