Saturday, November 16, 2013

STOCK Photography Lesson for my son

STOCK Photography Lesson for my son
22 PCS. OF COOKWARE SET (Stock Photography)

Last night,I am trying to convince myself that I need
to do my job right now or else do it in office. 
But why not now. I can teach my son to shoot a stock photos 
and setting up lightings and at the same time as assistant photographer.

Our task is to take a Hi-res images of Cookwares 22 pcs.
Combine together and submit to client early next morning.

Kiko helps me to prepare photo table, laying out paper,
setting up lightings, tripod, lenses and holding the
pans during shoot.

After the shoot, I gave a quick tips on how to use flash
if you're having less lighting set up.

Camera Table Set-Up

My son holding small & big pans

Photo was taken by my youngest daughter at her bed

STOCK PHOTO of Complete Set of Cookwares

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