Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TRADIGITAL Presentation Lesson for my Daughters

I am not student in youngest daughter she is.

Anyways,Just want to share this:
"Old school manual sketch rendered in Photoshop"
(I remember last few weeks back, this is the same
exercise they did for Robot coloring)

This is not a great work, you can do much
detailed and outstanding work than this.

This exercise was given to my Generation-Z eldest Daughter
(whose taking Interior Design) to understand how to
use traditional & digital technique for presentation.


1. Big Idea.- 10 min.
 My daughter planned a kitchen combined dining area
on a small piece of paper.And she wants it to be a
west indies kitchen theme.

2. ACAD Preaparation.- 10 min.
Bea prepares a draft plan intended for 3D exercises.

3. SKETCH UP - 10 min.
She prepares 3d files thru sketchup doing the push &
pull and inserting 3d models.

This is my part. I printed the selected view.
Lay over tracing paper on it and started to add information.

5. PHOTOSHOP Coloring - 15 min.
I took a snap on finished sketch and import it to Photoshop.

5.1  Copied the original file on another layer and change the mode
        to Multiply.
5.2  Created a new layer for my colors.
        After I finished all the coloring, I group all the layers and I
        renamed the folder"COLORS".
5.3   I merged all the layers and adjust the brightness and contrast.
5.4   Apply text for title and your signature.

Total time finished: 1 hour 15 min.

I hope somehow, lesson above helps and inspire you
to create something to share for.

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